Mission Statement

Since the beginning of pandemics, Fashionably Late, LLC. Has been redesigned and determined to commit to excellency. Whether within our four walls or out in the community, we strive to be a catalyst for positive change. Our goal is to not only be the most trusted source of marketing expertise, but to provide knowledge, guidance and superior results for the business community that we serve.

About Us

Founded by Lindsey Nhingsavath in 2019, the main goal of Fashionably Late was to capture photos for people in her free time. Once the pandemic hit, she quit her job in the healthcare industry to help small businesses grow their digital platforms in such an isolated world through marketing, photos, videos, and more. Fashionably Late, LLC was then transformed and relaunched with one single goal in mind, and that was to help businesses of all sizes grow their marketing efforts so they can continue grow as businesses themselves. Since then, community outreach, graphics designing, event planning and more have been added to the services, as we are able to hire contracted professionals to fit each businesses budget.

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