About Me

Photo by: Kassidy Jones, Kansas City

Two things define you; your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything.

My name is Lindsey Nhingsavath.

I have been photographing since freshman year of high school as a yearbook and newspaper staff photographer, and my passion for the art grew. I soon went into sports/ fitness photography as I was intrigued with how the human body worked. From then, I found myself more into fashion and portrait photography because it become a form of art that was shared within a team of artists, rather than just myself. In college, I double majored in business and marketing, and also pursued medical school in hopes of opening my own practice for surgical procedures as a physician. I spent my last few years working in healthcare, but recently redirected towards business marketing to continue a creative career. I am now a multi-media content creator, marketing brand creator for multiple agencies and a handful of local brands. Let’s see where life takes me!

What I do:

Affinity and Adobe Suites

Multi-Media Content

Graphic Design

Event Coordinator

My Past Experiences

Ardent Entertainment, Australia– Event Coordinator
(2013 – 2016)
Directed event production in collaboration with sponsors, hosts and internal teams for recommendations in money-saving strategies in events to bring costs within budgets while facilitating food and drink selections, pricing , transportation, and accommodations. I trained customer service, marketing and sales teams for events while supervising event logistics for large-scale corporate events for companies like Cerner, Garmin, and more.

Angel Competition Bikinis- Kansas- Marketing Coordinator
Generating monthly performance metrics and analytical reports, reviewing and communication marketing campaigns became a daily goal for effectiveness with clients. I partnered with the sales representatives during customer consultations to build rapport and customer relations. I collaborated with the marketing team to oversee marketing for product launches, public relations, direct mail pieces, sales training, and e-mail campaigns.

Fashion Honors Autism- Kansas, California- Public Relations, (2018 – Current)
Fashion Honors Autism is a non-profit business that coaches children living on the spectrum how to become confident with modeling and walking the runway. Organizing and leading the media team as far as photographers, videographers, influencers and news media to market for the annual Black Tie Fashion Show involving designers from various locations is what I direct on the fashion board. We oversee the analytics and performances through a multi-media aspect in order to draw in sales and bring in new clients to raise awareness in the disease.

MediaLab Video Strategies- Content Creator
(August 2021 – Current)
Bringing a wide range of multi-media creating with owner, Armando Jacox, through Podcasts, Youtube Live Streams, Commercial/Branding Video and Photography, and more based in the Denver area.

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